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"There exists another Granada that has remained secret for the eyes of the visitors and even for the people of the city.

Reality and legend accompany the tours for the unknown Granada, now within reach of those who love the adventure of discovering the underground world of alleys and caves, of the secret silence of the Cármenes.

The visits there are guided by a monitor accompanist, writer, artist or representative of the culture, who will recreate the history from an artistic and literary component."

Route 1 (Alleys and dungeons)

Route 1  (Alleys and dungeons)
Granada, as any city with a vast past, guard in his subsoil the remains of former civilizations that constructed the today city. For centuries they designed refuges, conduits, silos and alleys that today continue being strangers. (15 € for person)

Route 2 (Carmenes of the Albayzin)

Route 2  (Carmenes of the Albayzin)
There exists another Granada that has wanted to live like as to do more than five hundred years. Behind the walls they remain the cármenes guarding inside the brilliance of the past. (15 € for person)

Route 3 (The gold mines)

Route 3  (The gold mines)
In the rivers Dauro and Genil until a few years ago some natives of Granada were hitting the sand in search of gold. Stranger for many people, exists the valley of the gold, where the mountain preserves recorded in his land the zeal of the successive civilizations for the valued metal. (15 € for person)

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